What do you do when you’re 7,500 miles away from home and someone drives your car drunk and then crashes it, runs from the scene of the accident and then it gets towed and will stay at the tow yard because the plates expired at the end of September and you were on a plane to Guam September 17, not to mention you cancelled the insurance on a car that you wouldn’t even be driving anymore and now you have numerous tickets in your name and a really shitty mess to try and clean up?

Freak out? No, you’re 7,500 miles away. How about cry? Absolutely not. Well, Mercedes you could ask “Why Me!?” because it’s always something with that damn car. Nope. No need to add even more negativity to the situation.

Ok. So what DO you do? You say a lot of curse words, think about threatening the life of the asshole who lacks responsibility and the respect to call you himself to say, “Sorry, I got wasted and wrecked your car”, Lawyer up and think about what the situation is teaching you. But, you breathe first and think to yourself…”Gee, Saturn Return, you’re really getting those gears nice and lubricated, huh?”

Possible learned lessons:

1. Some people do really fucking idiotic things because they are really fucking idiotic people. Every single one of us probably has a shame story…about ourselves. So how do we go on trusting people when stuff like this happens? Actions. If a person does everything they can to remedy the situation, like apologize first and foremost and then do everything they possibly can to make it right…well, they’ve got a backbone. And at the point, in time, you will realize that everyone makes mistakes. You will eventually forgive them, it will be water under the bridge and everyone can mark another box off on the checklist of life lessons.

But what if the reverse happens? What if the person is an asshole and avoids the situation, creating a whole nother set of problems for everyone involved? Shin kicks? Throat chops? Facebook blasts? The ego would love nothing more…However, you realize to take people for what they are, and then you just fucking let it go. No amount of bitching or yelling or being so incredibly upset is going to change the facts.

Yep…here I sit wondering how to process the fact that I have to deal with this situation from Guam and the person who caused all of the trouble is no where to be found.

Fighting with the unknown is like trying to substitute rum for vodka in a mojito…it just doesn’t work.

So, this situation is going to play out however it’s going to play out. I can’t force anyone to behave differently than they have. I can’t try and control a situation that I literally have none over. And at this point, I believe so deeply in karma and things working out precisely in a manner that teaches profound lessons that I will take the advice of my teacher when I asked, “I guess I wanna know where I go from here. What now?”

“Mercedes, does it really even matter?”