“We all want magic. We all want a sense of mystery and power, of cosmic order in our lives. We want to feel our primeval heritage as children of earth and sky. Astrology can give us that, and give it without demanding that we surrender our reason in return. All we have to do is look.” – Steven Forrest The Inner Sky

Astrology. It may be the one thing, aside from the quest of truth, that has enraptured my heart and soul. And perhaps the introduction of it into my life, has added depth to that quest. Who knows, but it’s definitely working for me.

In astrology, we study birth charts. The birth chart or natal chart is basically a cosmic baby picture of you. It’s a map of where everything was in the heavens the moment you were born. It indicates what energies you were naturally born into, the things that will come easily for you and the things that will present challenges. It is ripe with options and makes many doors available for you to open. It shows your areas of growth, and if you believe in past lives, it shows you what you have mastered in previous lives, the things that you may use as a crutch in this lifetime.

It is not a pre-determined crystal ball dripping with binds of fate. It is simply your individual journey cheat sheet. A glimpse into your potential, should you choose to let it help you navigate through life. Its usage is synonymous for growth and self-discovery. A way to truly see ourselves, a way to elevate above confusion, a way to acceptance.

And if that all sounds a little hippy to you and you’re uninterested…Don’t worry, I’ll get back to relationships and profanity in the next post. 😉

However, for those of you that have had some spark of fascination ignite when you think about the stars and a hidden meaning in them for you…thus begins a little spice to I took her advice. My hope is that through my own sponging of all this star shit, I can help you all discover more awesomeness about yourselves as well.

Like several people I know, I used to think astrology was the few short sentences broken down by each zodiac sign on the glossy page in Cosmo. It SO is not.

I used to think since I was born under the sign Aquarius, that all the adjectives linked to an Aquarian was the only accurate description of me as a whole. Wrong again.

It’s not that simple. The zodiac sign you were born under, or sun sign, is only a small part of the entire picture. What picture? That birth chart thingy I was talking about earlier. When I first found that out, the fact that I am not lumped in with all the millions, maybe billions (How many people are on the earth right now anyways?) of other Aquarius peeps out there…well, I thought: “BADASS.”

So what are the other pieces?

In the book Inner Sky by Steven Forrest, he puts it simply. There are three main factors that make up who we are. The sun sign, the moon sign and the ascendant (rising sign). The sun is your identity. How you shine in this world. The moon is your soul behind that identity and the ascendant is the mask that identity wears to the world.

For Example.

Sun: The sun is the very essence of life, it is our ego. Our identity’s appetite, it must be fed. My sun is Aquarius. Steven Forrest breaks down the Aquarius archetype and explains that we Aquarians crave freedom. Through individuality. We desire to be able to choose our own path. We embody the “I do what I want” mentality. We scoff at orders from another, we shall not be moved. We yearn to cultivate absolute loyalty to truth. The Aquarian catchphrase? “I will be sane, even if that means everyone else thinks I am crazy.” Humanitarians and refusal to “sell-out” we would rather see death upon our doorstep than succumb to conformity within society. Does the term “freak”, “free-spirit” or “fairy on crack” ring a bell? All phrases I’ve been called. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Moon: The moon functions as feelings and emotional response mechanism. It is our deeply embedded sensitivities and the language of our soul. To be happy, we must activate our moon. Otherwise, life will be void of purpose and fulfillment contrary to what it may appear on the surface. My moon is Capricorn. Any one that reads up on a cap moon will see a general consensus in the world of astrology…Cap moons aren’t the best placement for a moon and are possibly one of the most difficult to define. But with enough digging, I found an author that interpreted my moon for what it is. Eric Francis, in his article The Emperor’s Full Moon, depicts a Cap moon as such; “The lives of those with a Capricorn moon are almost always characterized, at least, for a while, by deep pain, loss and suffering, but they will be the first people to tell you that what doesn’t kill you makes you strong. Pain has turned them into survivors. When it works to the common good, they become unusually adept, practical humanitarians. When it works to everyone’s detriment, they can retreat into themselves, putting up active defenses that seem aggressive. They may pass alone the notion that pain builds character by their action. They may even convince you they have no heart. Nothing could be further from reality: these are just some of the most sensitive people alive; it’s just that they hide their pain so well. Part of how this can be done is by compartmentalizing their feelings. Cap moons are among the best feeling compartmentalizers in the business.” If you are a Cap moon, check out the full article by Eric Francis here.

Ascendant: Steven Forrest notes that the ascendant is “how you dawn” on other people. It is your style and the way you interact socially with the world around you. My ascendant is Cancer. One of my favorite general astrological sites to visit is Cafe Astrology. Here it paints a Cancer Ascendant as: “Attracting people who need care, understanding and encouragement. Devotion and maintaining emotional soul-connections to life is the heart of your approach to living. You are very sympathetic in both the sense that you feel for others and also in the sense of sympathetic resonance. Your own feelings and moods will often reflect the dominant feeling tone in your environment. You absorb the atmosphere around you and thrive in surroundings that are home-like, personal, supportive, and cooperative. When out of balance you are hypersensitive to hurts and slights, are prone to extreme moodiness, worry, and self-pity, and/or feel like an insatiable needy child yourself. Self-nurturing and self-responsibility are thus extremely important for you to develop in order to bring out your best.”

As you can see, there is a lot more to who you are than just the zodiac sign you were born under. They say knowledge is power. In my opinion, There is no power greater than self-actualization and astrology has been one very solid and bright flashlight for me. Stay tuned for more cosmic goodies.