by Caitlin Heightman

Harness your inner George Lopez: “I got this!!”

What makes you tick? What puts a smile on your face more than anything else? What do you secretly hope for? What are your dreams?! What do you WANT out of life?

Go. Be. Do.

For me it’s the giggle of an innocent child or the smell of a new baby. It’s the smile on that child’s face who’s life you just changed. The family member thanking me for holding their loved ones hand while they died so they weren’t alone. The old school song from growing up that i know EVERY word to coming on the radio. Being so extremely comfortable in the arms of someone you care so deeply about. Those are the things that make me smile. My heart smile. My soul smile.

We need to do more of what makes us happy and less of the things that don’t. Life is wayyy too short to be anything but happy.

Sure, there are things we need to do, but may not necessarily want to. That’s part of being an adult…but aside from those things, why don’t we all just go after our dreams? Why don’t we just do the things that truly make us happy? Why do we constantly let the world tell us no and not fight back? Why do we always take NO for an answer when we could so easily harness our inner George Lopez and yell back “I GOT THIS!” Instead of listening to the world tell us we are destined to fail.

Stop letting other people tell you NO. Yes there are laws and circumstances why we may not get to do all the things we want, but generally speaking, where there’s a will, there is most definitely a way. So let’s take our will, and find our way. Shall we??

What about the lemons life throws at us you ask?? MAKE SOME FREAKIN LEMONADE. Or throw them right back and tell life “ I GOT THIS”.

Life deals us all hands of cards. Some of us have a better hand dealt to us than others. What we need to do is stop using that as an excuse. We need to get up and show life who’s boss. You want to do something spectacular? You want to go places in life?? DO IT. No if’s, and’s or but’s. Just DO IT. We need to start being true to ourselves, to stop cutting ourselves short because of the hand we were dealt. Stop using those cards life gave you as an excuse or reason that you can’t do something. Stop seeing them as setbacks. Instead, let those cards be a reminder of where you came from and let them be a reminder to you and everyone else of how far you’ve come in life, regardless of the awful hand you were given in the first place.

People will look up to you a lot more for overcoming things in life than for sleeping your way to the top or getting where you are because you know people who know people who know people.

So stop reading this, get off the couch or out of bed as would be my case. Go book that skydiving. Call your mom and apologize. Make up with your childhood best friend. Go hold that brand new baby. Tickle your niece and nephew. Go back to school. Volunteer. Plan that bakery you always wanted to own. Just DO it. Don’t let your past predict your future.

Remind yourself, “I GOT THIS”. And if you need to, shout it out loud! And always, always, always remember (if you don’t remember anything else) that life is too short to be anything but happy.

 When Caitlin isn’t investing quality time with her fur babies, blogging and doing good in this world, she’s cheering on the Cardinals and shining light all over the place which is why itookerheradvice was uber excited to hear what she had to say.