by Stephanie Watters

What is that thing inside you that makes your soul salivate for MORE?

It’s 6:00 AM, your alarm goes off- What is the driving factor for you to wake, and begin this new glorious day?

When music is played does it make your soul come to life?

How about the beautiful variety of colors that an evening sunset provides?

The sound, smell, and beauty of the ocean?

Whatever it is for you – There’s a deep, raw, unedited, version of you that lies somewhere underneath your cell phone, computer, car, career, friends, playstation, and Tivo.

The best advice that I could give to anyone in this era would be to become in tune to those things I just described. Let go of all the social media, and become YOU, the real you, the purest, deepest form of who you really are. Why is it that when we are waiting in a line, or have a free 5 minutes, we IMMEDIATELY jump onto our cell phones, and begin checking Facebook? How about, taking that SAME 5 minutes, and quietly looking within your soul to see what it is that sparks that fire for you to live?

I’m STILL learning who I truly am. The me that isn’t dumbed down, drowned out, or suffocated by society, and what is “acceptable” or isn’t  Let’s face it, my desire to want to make a career out of photography, music, and writing with a dash of skee ball, and an entire zoo in my backyard probably isn’t what society would call normal or acceptable. Yet, those are the very things that spark my desire for life. If I hear music playing, my soul sings. If there is a cute little innocent animal anywhere in a one mile radius, I’m immediately drawn to him, and I WANT MORE THAN ANYTHING to hold him, pet him, kiss him, and communicate with him the best I can, seeing as I’m human, and he’s an animal. That theory does NOT apply to snakes. Yuck! No thanks! I want to take a picture of such a moment so that I can remember it for forever, and then write about it so that It can be depicted to the best of my ability to everyone else. I want to take a lunch break, and play whack-a-mole, and skee ball. THIS IS ME. THIS IS WHO I AM.

That’s the me that lies deep under my work, my duties as someone’s fiance’, what is socially acceptable, religiously acceptable, and what I have time to do in this busy life of mine.

In everything you do, find the true meaning to you, in it. Do the unthinkable, and take a moment to find the parts of you that light your inner fire. And, like a starving person, feed those hungers within. Stop letting everyone/everything dim those flames. Instead, feed them. Stoke them. Be true to YOU! Keep it real! In the face of opposition, remain the truest form of who you REALLY are, and even when it goes against the grain, you’ll be so glad you did.

 When Stephanie isn’t riding the backs of wild dolphins, writing poetry and gracing the internet world with her quick wit and country-girl sense of humor, she’s being awesome. Which is precisely why I took her advice wanted her advice on life and snatching up fuzzy animals and loving them. Thanks, Steph!