I think lust and infatuation is different for everyone. Furthermore, the timetable that a person experiences the bubbling of  lust and infatuation before it develops into full-blown love is also different.  I used to think there were rules when it came to matters of the genitals and of the heart. Through my mistakes and continual journey on the path of  what I think love is, I’ve found that just as we all were created uniquely and differently in so many facets, love is not the exception, it very well may be the element in pure human existence that is different for every soul on this planet. No one person is going to have walked down the same road in life as you. Your detours, road signs and vehicle will be incredibly different from the person to your left and the person to your right. You have no control who stumbles upon that path and ends up joining you for the ride.

Many books have been written about that journey, and many songs have been sung. And still we are all just as confused and in the dark as the expiration of two people’s lives together takes the spotlight. We are all motivated by love. There isn’t a human on this earth that does not love something. Even someone with a legitimate personality disorder is still capable of loving someone…themself. A person can kill for love. A person will die for love. A mother will protect her child at all costs simply out of love. It is the energy that fuels life.

A well written dating book can tell you the cookie-cutter bullshit story that involves playing hard to get, waiting x amount of days before you have sex and refraining from talking about the very things that have made you “you” so you don’t “scare” the other person off. Trust me, I’ve read most of them. I’ve religiously applied those techniques to relationships only to come out looking like the fool. It seemed the more I injected some idea or rule into a relationship, the quicker things began to unravel. Through my self-discovery and finding out what does not work, I’ve stumbled across something that wasn’t in any of those self-help books. And perhaps I’ve found the secret ingredient that is so far from confusion that the only way of realizing its existence, is to feel it.

Love cannot be defined, it can only be experienced. When you find it, zero words exist to sum up what goes on in your brain, heart and depths of your soul. But one word can explain it. That word is surrender.

I’m a big believer in karmic lessons and the idea that the people in your life exist to help you transform throughout your time here on earth in physical form. They bring out the good, the bad and the in between. You must experience the heartache of a failed relationship, you must hurt another and be hurt and you must risk everything in the name of love to learn your lessons and discover for yourself what love is for you so that when the truest form of love, the form that you have meticulously yearned for, finally does meet you face to face…you go all in. You surrender every idea, every fear, everything you knew before. You open yourself up to that person in a way that you never have before.

So, I guess I’m trying to tell you that everything you need to know about love and every question you have about love is already inside of you. You know exactly what it is that you want. And you have to experience what you don’t want to draw the conclusion. So risk it all and go all in. If the person on the receiving end isn’t doing the same, you know you can be thankful for another lesson learned and taking one step closer to finding your true form of love. And let me let you in on another little secret, it’s not supposed to be hard. It will be the easiest, clearest and craziest thing you will ever experience. It will change you.

So once you find it, how do you keep it? Well my friends, we’ll discuss that at a later time. 🙂