I remember a time in my life where blatant religious demonstrations offended and surprisingly angered me. I chalk it up to not being firm and convicted in my own beliefs which prevented me from doing nothing but judge others for theirs.

This morning on my drive to work I saw a man on the side of the road holding a sign that read “Men of Life”. Two other men knelt beside him in prayer. I have no clue what denomination the three were affiliated with, but it made me tear up.

It was 21 degrees the moment I drove by and my car came to a halt at the red light. In that moment, very profound thoughts began to run through my mind.

We were all created with something to say. We were all created because we matter somewhere to someone and fortunately for the people that live in THIS country, we can believe, demonstrate and celebrate whatever religion or spiritual connection feels right to us.

That sign the gentlemen with kick ass ear muffs was holding, hit me precisely where it was meant to. Though it may have meant something completely different for them, that last word resonated with me.

LIFE is worth celebrating. It’s the only thing we have. Whether you choose to celebrate it on the side of the street, kneeling in prayer to your God on a cold Friday morning, or drinking wine with an old friend providing the simple act of comfort and listening ears…

We have one shot.

Unless you believe in reincarnation. If so, I’m super jealous and if I have any friends that come back for round 2, can you please turn me into a Unicorn when I die?

In all seriousness though, please live. And live well. Whatever that means for you.

Happy Friday Bunnies. 🙂