My elbows rested gently on the freshly pressed white linen table cloth. My gaze was fixed on the person sitting across from me. I focused on his mouth and the shapes it made as he spoke. He smiled; it caused a smile to pepper across my lips. The gold bracelet on my left wrist shifted down my arm, I pulled it back up. I reached for my glass of Pinot Noir and took a slow and appreciative sip; There’s something calming and seductive about a glass of red wine. It cued a mirror effect. He grasped the glass of bourbon sitting in front of him and took a drink, I watched.

Our eyes briefly met…another smile appeared on both our faces. I felt a comfortable warmth kiss my cheeks…was I blushing? I shifted my glance to the right and looked out the large window panes.  Though it was January, Christmas lights still  blanketed the trees on the sidewalk and their soft twinkling flirted with me through the glass. The illumination from the signs on the high rises surrounding us gave me a feeling of contentment. A horse drawn carriage slowly made its way down the street; cars took their time passing by. A quiet winter’s night in the city.

My focus averted when I noticed a coat fall from the arms of a man waiting for the valet to bring his car to the front. He was clumsy, had clearly indulged in alcohol moments before. He reached towards the concrete in retrieval and a laugh escaped.

Others drunken moments intoxicate me. When inhibitions are lowered, there’s a rawness and soul clenching curiosity that I can’t quiet. Watching the man on the street with nothing but a steel frame and thin piece glass between us, steered the conversation towards discussing our own moments of throwing caution to the wind. We laughed.

He leaned across the table and kissed me. I could still taste dessert, lemon blueberry cheesecake. I kissed him. We lingered.