Have you ever been faced with one of those moments that you realize you were so incredibly wrong about someone or something? Or how about finding yourself in a particular spot in life where you just go, “The fuck?” Even better, what about a day you wake up and just 100% dig what’s happening around you…even if there’s a shit ton of chaos to accompany it?

Well…I have a friggin’ cold…again. But the prescription strength ibuprofen I took about 30 minutes ago is making me feel fuzzy and awesome because it’s prescription strength ibuprofen. The “Sinus Soother” tea that my boyfriend sent home with me might be contributing as well. On top of the cold, I’m moving in 5 days. Add the 60 hour work weeks I’ve been putting in and trying to find time to write and juggle simply breathing in certain moments…needless to say, life is a little chaotic right now.

Oh, that. I just used the “B” word. That word hasn’t come out of my mouth in awhile. Totally unexpected, I know. I guess that’s what happens when a boy invites you over for dinner, makes you salmon and you both decide very “candidly” that dating would be a good idea. For the second time. But this time we’re actually serious about it. 🙂

Oh you want background details on that last omission? This person is definitely no stranger to me. We actually tried a casual dating stint last year, but timing, my attitude and circumstances were way off. I also may have written about this person before, maybe putting my foot in my mouth a little. But, not really. Because at that time, in those moments and based on what was happening in my life outside of us trying to cultivate something, I was getting exactly what I was putting in and making judgments on what I knew was best for me.

But, it’s a new year and things are very different. Things have shifted and changed and something clicked when we sat down to dinner and talked. I can 100% honestly tell you that when I woke up Thursday morning I didn’t know I’d be ending the day with a significant other label, but much stranger things have happened. Like getting poked in the eye by one of your best friends and semi-enjoying it. That happened, last night.

So there you have it. This week I became someone’s girlfriend. Next week I move. And those last two statements now have me wondering if the official start to a week starts on Sunday or Monday, because somewhere in my mind I keep hearing that Sunday is the official start to a new week. Which now makes me want to go back and change the second and third sentence for technical correctness…But I digress.

Some times being wrong feels really good. I’m glad I was wrong about someone. I’m glad I wrote about my feelings, perceptions and assumptions from my moments back then, because they have more or less caused me to call myself out and be in the here and now. Retroactively watching yourself learn lessons is mildly bad ass and I kind of feel like I just time traveled or something.

In this moment I’m snuffly, tired but happy. Glancing over at my night stand and seeing the box of tea and theraflu I was not allowed to leave without brings a smile to my face.