“I love you like whoa. And life’s too short not to just be happy as many minutes everyday as you can god damn it. Happiness for me is kinda like playing scrabble. All I do is win win win! But on occasion I get mad, lose my temper, tiles go flying, I say some curse words, the other person looks at me weird and then I just start a new game and pretend I didn’t just almost lose. So life, it’s a scrabble game, only mine allows abbreviations AND encourages sexually explicit words and making it into a drinking game….on occasion. I may not have the best advice, but I believe in everything positive, dreaming big and painting a beautiful and silly picture of life with no apologies and an IDGAF attitude. I’m the only one that’s going to know exactly how that feels when life slows down in my old age and I have nothing but those memories and me moments to keep me company. It doesn’t hurt to just fucking love people for no reason at all, give without expecting anything back and accept everything for what it is. My hope for you is that the world you see through your OWN eyes is colorful, invigorating, hopeful and worth it all when your candle burns out. After all, I think that’s what that dude up there in the clouds had in mind when he obviously got drunk and said “watch this shit”. If I can be your cheerleader when everyone else is trying to tackle your spirit, I’ll knock em upside the head with my Pom poms of positivity. If I can be your box of puffs plus with vicks when life is being one big annoying sinus infection; I’ll gladly be your vicks fix. And by god if I need to light the fire under your ass and challenge you to be better than you were five minutes ago….well sweet cheeks, you can bet your ass that you’ll be motherfucking me all the way to your successes and then feeling how much I love you when I’m on the other side saying “I knew you were going to be THAT great all along”. Cuz, well, I was created for something special too. And no one can ever take that away from me :)” -Me